Vimwiki wiki wild wild west: Tables

Vimwiki wiki wild wild west: Tables


Vimwiki is awesome and it has already done the rounds a few times. If you haven’t heard of it then check it out on the Vimwiki github repository. It’s great for note-taking, to-do lists, meeting minutes, etc. but I came across a use for it this week that I’ve already found myself using a few times since: Tables.

Vimwiki Tables

I’ve used the Tabular vim plugin on and off but I find it a bit tedious. It could well be that my workflow with it isn’t great. Vimwiki’s tables in comparison are super intuitive, to me at least. They have auto-formatting just when needed but also have the power of vim actions.


The Github repo has all the info you need to create and edit some tables but, as always, I find gifs speak louder than words:
Below, I’ve created a table with 3 columns and 2 rows with the command :VimwikiTable 3 2

Then I can start filling the table with some info about my favourite people ever:

See how it formats as I go? It even adds a new row when I tab on the last cell.

Lastly, I’ve added some incorrect info for Voltaire’s birth year. I can correct that pretty easily by using the \ text object which represents a cell. So, change in cell ci\ deletes the inner contents of the cell and puts me into insert mode, ready to write the correct year:

Too easy.

Remember, check out the Vimwiki github repository docs for more commands.

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