| Ralph McTeggart

The blog is dead! Long live the blog!

New site is up and running.

This isn't my first blog. The old one had some great content but priorities shifted (as they do) and I let it grow stale.

I'm not promising the same won't happen.

However, this time round I'm using Stackbit and at least that gives me the flexibility to play around a bit more. If you visited the old blog, it was just a wordpress site so I could write or not write. At least now, I can write or I can work on the actual structure of the blog and get as technical as I fancy. Great!

I want most posts to be short so I'll start on the right foot:

I'm an Irish software engineer. I have an awesome family and a great job. I'm also deaf, so that will come up from time to time. Tech-wise, I love Vim, Rust and problems at scale. The first two are interests but the latter is the day job. Most of my professional experience is in cybersecurity (shoutout to Rapid7) though I've since switched work to productboard which is more up my street. Either way, I'm usually dealing with engineering some part of a distributed system and not always on product features.

That's as succinct as I can get it. I'm leaving a lot out so hopefully I can dive into way more as I get time to write.