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Link: AI in review 2017

Happy new year!

Last year I definitely slacked on the blogging side of things. Stumbled across this rundown from 2017 and it covers a lot of great content that I should have posted about at the time. Laziness FTW!

Check it out here

Google gets a lot of flack these days but they still have some great innovations. They’ve just combined two of my favourite things: Machine Learning & Drawing.

Check out Autodraw

Neural Redis – Neural Network types in Redis

This guy made this in a 48 hour hackathon. I nearly choked on my tea!

Neural Nets in Redis

AGI speculations – where do we go from here?

Came across this little post which nicely summarises some current hypotheses about the future of Artificial General Intelligence. Worth a read.

IBM’s Watson and one step closer to AGI

About to hit the hay but wanted to share a link from the news: Watson just diagnosed leukemia where human doctors failed. Awesome.