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Blackhat 2017: Using Machine Learning to help your malware evade Machine Learning based malware detection

The present is now so futuristic it’s hilarious. Hopefully someone uploads this talk somewhere. If you’re lucky enough to be at Blackhat then check out the talk here

Belfast and the cybersecurity buzz

Awesome¬†to see cybersecurity growing in my home town. There’s such a wealth of skills here and I’m excited to be in the midst of it.

If you’re not from Belfast but interested then check out this great write up:


With the World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit and the OWASP AppSec Europe 2017 conferences both being held here this week, the buzz is real.

How to steal any developer’s local database

Stumbled across this on Hacker News. The summary is quote worthy:

This proof of concept shows why computer security is incredibly hard to get right. The attack depends on multiple software products all making very reasonable decisions about how they should work, but the way they interact with each other leads to a vulnerability.

The example, especially from a dev’s perspective, is beaut:

Source: How to steal any developer’s local database