This isn’t my first blog. The old one had some great content but priorities shifted (as they do) and I let it grow stale.

I’m not promising the same won’t happen.

However, this time round I’m using Stackbit and at least that gives me the flexibility to play around a bit more. If you visited the old blog, it was just a wordpress site so I could write or not write. At least now, I can write or I can work on the actual structure of the blog and get as technical as I fancy. Great!

I want most posts to be short so I’ll start on the right foot:

I’m an Irish software engineer. I have an awesome family and a great job. I’m also deaf, so that will come up from time to time. Tech-wise, I love Vim, Rust and problems at scale. The first two are interests but the latter is the day job. I work in cybersecurity though I’m usually dealing with engineering some part of a distributed system rather than anything deeply security related.

That’s as succinct as I can get it. I’m leaving a lot out so hopefully I can dive into way more as I get time to write.